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3D Auto Patternless Lens Edger W/Grooving & Safe Chamfering

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Product description:

3D Auto Patternless Lens Edger W/Grooving & Safe Chamfering, M1200G

The M1200G from Opti+ is an advanced patternless lens grinding machine that incorporates automatic grooving and safe chamfering functions. Designed to meet the needs of modern optical laboratories, this machine offers precision, efficiency and adaptability in the processing of lenses of different materials. With a robust construction and automated operating system, the M1200G guarantees high-quality and consistent results.

Main Features:

-Automatic Initialization: Quick and easy configuration when turning on the machine.
-Three-Dimensional Probe: Precise measurement process for the front and rear curvature of the lens surface.

Wheel Configuration:

Grinding wheel for glass.
Coarse grinding wheel for resin.
Grinding wheel for beveled/flat edges.
Polishing wheel for beveled/flat edges.
Automatic Clamping: Three clamping pressure selections to accommodate different lens materials.
Water System: Connection with water pump for circulating water use and solenoid valve for running water.
Automatic Cleaning: Automatic cleaning system for lens attachment and grinding compartment.
Lens Processing Statistics: Track and record lens processing for better management and maintenance.

Competitive advantages:

Precision and Reliability: Thanks to its three-dimensional probe and advanced grinding system.
Versatility: Able to handle various lens materials and sizes with ease.
Operational Efficiency: Automatic cleaning and clamping functions minimize downtime.
Easy Integration: Simple connection with water systems and electrical configuration adaptable to different voltages.
Low Maintenance: Robust design and processing statistics that facilitate maintenance management.
Competitive Price: This equipment is offered at a competitive price in the market, ensuring excellent value for money for optical laboratories seeking to improve their lens processing capacity with advanced technology.

Technical specifications:

Grinding Diameter:
Maximum: =80mm
Flat (without secured bevel): = 19.00 mm
Bezel (without secured bezel): = 19.00 mm


Length: 705mm
Width: 465mm
Height: 442mm
Weight: 65kg
Input Voltage: 220V-230V/50Hz, 110V-115V/60Hz
Machine Power: 1500W
Noise Level: 72 dB
Operating Temperature: 5?~40?
Relative Humidity: 10% - 80%
Pump Voltage: 220V-230V/50Hz, 110V-115V/60Hz
Nominal Pump Power: = 150W


220V-230V/50Hz: 15th
110V-115V/60Hz: 25th

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