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Auto Refractometer/ Keratometer: Automatic Hartman Technology Opti+

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Auto RefracKeratometer INS-1103 is one high precision instrument of objective measuring the patient’s eyes with unique optical system inside and accurate imaging analyzing and processing in Hartman technology. It’s mainly used to measure the patient’s diopter, including sphere power, cylinder power, optical axis, pupil distance and corneal curvature, to provide reference datas for eyes’ treating and eyeglasses choice.

The measurement result can be displayed on screen or printed out on paper, and can also be transferred to auto phoroptor (fit to RS232 interface)).


Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 25 in / 66 x 38 x 63 cm
Weight: 60 lb / 27 kg
Bi-Voltage AC 100V 60hz/220V 50hz

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