Can I buy just one frame at a time?
Yes, you are not penalized for purchasing only one frame at a time. However, by investing in quantity it will qualify you for discounts; as well as having the benefit of having color sets for each model.
Can buy parts of the frames separately i.e. (temples, eye wire, etc?)
No. At this moment, we only sell optical frames and sunglasses.
How do I register on your website?
Just click on the "Sign In" button and the system will ask a few basic questions to create an account. Or click here to register.
Why can I not see the prices?
Only registered customers are authorized to see our prices. Our site is directed to wholesalers and opticians.
Which payments methods do you provide on your website?
You can pay with major credit cards, PayPal, Checks and Wire Transfers.
Do I need to pay for shipping cost?
For orders over $50.00 in the 50 states of USA the ground shipping is FREE.
For orders over $500 in Canada the ground shipping is FREE (excludes Duties and Fees)
Do you send to PO BOX address?
No. We only send to the registered and confirmed address.
How do I modify or cancel an order?
Contact us via email at optiusa@optiusa.com or call us at 1-844-OPT-1USA (678-1872).
What is the estimated time of arrival?
Orders are processed within 24hrs-48hrs after payment. Arrival depends on the delivery destination.
Do you have a printed catalog?
Yes, you can request one on our website. You may also see the online e-catalog or download it in PDF format.
I do not remember my password.
Click here to reset your password
Can I return products?
No returns and/or exchanges of products are accepted. Please, refer to Terms and Conditions for Return and Exchange Policies clicking here.