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Slit Lamp Zeiss Style Opti+ 2 Steps Magnifications

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INS-11078 Slit Lamp OPTI+

Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 17 in / 53 x 38 x 43 cm
Weight: 31 lb / 14 kg


Type: Converging stereoscope
Magnification change: Two steps by objective lens rotation
Total magnification Ratio: 10X, 16X
Eyepieces: 10X
Angle between eyepieces: 13º
Interpupillary adjustment: 52mm~78mm
Diopter adjustment: +5D~-8D
Field of view: 16X (?14.5mm), 10X (?18mm)

Slit Illumination
Slit width: Continuously variable from 0 to 14mm (at 14mm,slit becomes a circle )
Slit length: Continuously variable from 1mm to 14mm
Aperture diameters: ?14mm, ?8mm, ?3.5mm, ?0.2mm
Slit angle: 0?-180?
Filters: Heat-absorbing, Red-free, Cobalt Blue

Base Longitudinal movement: 110mm
Lateral movement: 110mm
Fine Base movement: 15mm
Vertical movement: 30mm
Chin-Rest Vertical movement: 80mm

Lamp: 6V/20W
Halogen Lamp Illumination: ?50klx

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