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CX 1000 Auto-Refractor-Keratometer

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Product description:

Rodenstock CX 1000 Auto-Refractor-Keratometer

The CX 1000 with its tilting and swivelling monitor is a versatile and compact Auto Ref-Keratometer that impresses with smart additional features such as retro illumination or peripheral keratometer readings.

Semi-auto pupil tracking
Reduces measurement time by adjusting the pupil height automatically

TFT-LCD touch screen
The large 7" LCD monitor tilts and swivels for convenient viewing

Wide measurement range
Allows a wider range of values to be measured

Printer with auto-cutter function
The measurement result can be printed in various
forms for convenience

Mirror of the display
Video out via VGA lets you connect external monitors in 5:3 display ratio

Near vision simulation
Determine the need for progressive lenses in advance by short-distance simulation

Product Features
Central & peripheral K-values
Retro illumination
Near-vision simulation
Pupil & cornea ø measurement

Measurement range (spherical)
-30.00 D to +25.00 D (at VD = 12.0 mm)

Measurement range (cylindrical)
0 D to ±10.00 D (at VD = 12.0 mm)

Display unit
0.12 D/0.25 D

Measurement range (astigmatism axis)
1° to 180°

Display unit

Minimum pupil diameter
Ø 2.0 mm

Radius of curvature
5.0 to 13.0 mm

Display unit
0.01 mm

Corneal power
25.96 to 67.50 D (n = 1.3375)

Display unit
0.05/0.12/0.25 D

Corneal astigmatism
0.00 to -15.00 D

Display unit
0.05/0.12/0.25 D

1 to 180°

Display unit

Pupil distance (PD)
10 to 88 mm

Corneal distance
2.0 to 14.0 mm

Display unit
0.1 mm

Working range of auto-tracking
Up and down ± 16 mm

Working range of auto-shooting
Up and down ± 13 mm

Memory of data
10 measured values for each right and left eye

Internal printer
Thermal line printer with auto-cutter function

7" TFT LCD monitor (800 x 480 pixels, tiltable/swivel)

RC-232, video out (VGA), USB, WiFi

Dimensions WDH
260 × 500 × 450 mm

Approx. 20 kg

AC 100 V to 240 V

50/60 Hz

Power consumption
40 VA to 60 VA

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